Tuesday, March 1, 2005

South Park Me!

If I was a character on South Park, I'd look like this:

Make your own here.  (Note:  Naughty word at that link, in the warning about not stealing the program.)


andreakingme said...

Totally rad, babe! She's you.

So how the frell were you able to save it as a graphic?

nzforme said...

You see that button on your keyboard with "Print Screen" on top and "SysRq" under it?  (I'd never used it before, myself.)  Hit shift-that button.  It looks like nothing has happened, but something has.  Now open a program like Paint (which you probably have but also, perhaps, have never used).  Hit ctrl-v.  Now you've pasted the entire screen into your Paint program.  From here, I hit "save as" and saved it as a jpg, and then opened it in my favorite photo editor to crop it and change the size so it was journal-able.  There may be a way to crop it WITHIN Paint, but I couldn't figure it out, and saving as a jpg was work-with-able enough.