Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Moron, I am a

Put in a load of laundry today.  I put laundry soap in, and turned on the water so it would fill.

I realized I had a load of laundry I'd done yesterday still sitting in the dryer, wrinkling.  I figured I'd run the dryer again for twenty minutes or so while the wash was running, so those clothes would be less wrinkled when I folded them.

I also had a lot of other stuff to do around the house.  (The lead item involved the cleaning up of kitty puke.  Some cats eat their own barf.  Mine is way too civilized for that.)

Twenty minutes later, I emptied the dryer.  Hung up all the clothes or laid them out for folding.  Cleaned the lint trap.  Opened the washer to take the wash out and put it in the dryer.

No clothes there.

I stare at the empty washer for a second, thinking some creepy Twilight Zone thoughts, as there is no other possible explanation for the disappearance of a perfectly good load of laundry.

I check the hamper.  OK, there's one other explanation.  I just washed a great big load of nothing.




queeniemart said...

Well if you're a moron, count me in too because i have done the same thing more than once in my life. Thanks for the laugh this morning!

mom23nca said...

That is funny.  I have washed loads and forgot the soap, but don't think I've ever forgotten the clothes.

tammyg22 said...

Been there, done that.  Actually, I confess it's rather reassuring that *you've* done it.  I'd thought it was genetic......

dornbrau said...

I prefer to think of it as 'washing the laundry tub out'.  Can't be washing clothes in a dirty washing machine now can you?  Well, thats my story and I'm sticking to it!

vvsweetstuff08 said...

wow, that was an entertaining entry to read as the first one I have ever read from your journal! Pretty interesting.. lol, we need some entertainment like that!

If you want to read my journal (Which I dont expect you to) you would have to e-mail me because mine is now private for... reasons. Sooo if your interested just let me know, but its okay that you arent!! later, -de-

jevanslink said...

This entry means so much to people like me who think we're the only ones who put dirty clothes in a plastic bag and then put the bag out in the garbage.  Or carefully return the ice cream to the refrigerator and not the freezer. Although ice cream soup isn't all that bad.  Mrs. L

cyndygee said...

Wow!  Yippee!  Hip Hip Hooray!  And ei-ei-oooooooooo!!!

I have been considering moving myself to the assisted living center in the next town; however, if YOU don't have plans for the Alzheimer's Ward, then neither do I.

I can say with confidence that I have NEVER washed and dried NOTHING!!!

Uh-oh, what if I have and don't remember.  GGGEEEEEEEZZZZZZ!


heartsingr said...

LOL!  Well, look at it this way.  At least your washer is clean.  ;-)