Sunday, March 6, 2005

The Dreaded Hibernate Virus

So.  I'm having myself a lovely Sunday morning -- while still in bed, I grab my laptop and surf the net while my kitty curls up inside my arms (between me and the laptop) and kneads on my right arm.  (Always the right arm.  Never the left.  Them cats is creatures of habit.)  So, I'm reading email and burying my face in kitty fur, and about switch screen names when...

AOL signs me off; my computer "prepares to hibernate"; and then it hibernates.

I don't recall asking it to hibernate. 

I wake it up and prepare to log back in to AOL.  It hibernates again.

Now I'm frustrated.  Did I download anything that might make it hibernate all the time?  I vow to run a virus scan once I get the damn thing back on.  Or perhaps I'll need to do a System Restore to a point before where I caught this freakin virus.

I wake it up.  This time, I take advantage of my option for a full restart rather than just "waking up" from the nap.  The laptop takes a long time to start up, as it restarts every process and a little group of icons parade themselves into my icon tray.

I happen to glance at one of them.  The one that has the picture of a battery with a tiny bit of juice left in it, and the BIG RED "X" over it.  Oh.

Seems there's a very simple cure for the Hibernation Virus -- Plugging it in!

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