Tuesday, January 24, 2006

... and a do-over of this morning, too

I'm tired.  (Went to sleep late -- big surprise.)  Alarm went off and I hit it.  Went off again; hit it again.  None of this is unusual.  I was sorta giving myself till 8:00.

And then, before 8:00, I heard it.

There are sounds that immediately wake you up -- sounds of something crashing to the floor; a yelped meow of surprise; a siren; a scream; or ... in this case ... the sound of it raining inside your house.

More precisely (can you guess?  can you?) the sound of water pouring from the air vent in the ceiling of my brand new bathroom.

OK, to be fair, the air vent was probably the best place the water could be coming out in there.  (If it was coming from over the shower, for instance, where we removed the whole wall to get rid of the mold, well, that would be bad.)  And the fact that the water did not smell of human waste is definitely something I'm putting in the "plus" column.

But the air vent is now quite likely the lowest place in the bathroom ceiling.  Which would make it the most likely place water from anywhere in the bathroom upstairs would decide to come pouring out.  And given the history of the bathroom upstairs in re: leaking, and the thousands of dollars of repairs done to both our units in light of said history, the fact that water came pouring in (I've got about four towels on the floor to sop it up -- it soaked the carpet in the hallway, of course) is a distressing event.  (Did I mention the housekeeper came yesterday?  So up until about 15 minutes ago the place was freakin' sanitized.)

I called her.  (The neighbor, not the housekeeper.)  It took forever me to achieve this as she blocks calls without known numbers and my number is set to automatically not identify.  So I eventually remembered how to unblock (*82) and called, and her phone rang, like, nine times and then the machine picked up.  I hear people upstairs so I know she's there.  Wonder if she was too involved with the flood to pick up the phone, or if she's just ignoring me altogether.  Am half tempted to run up there and pound on the door.  (The fact that I'm not yet dressed is weighing heavily against.)

Sob.  Whimper.  Cat likes it, though.  Water dripping from an unidentified source is a total toy.  Glad someone is getting amusement out of this.


lv2trnscrb said...

I am so sorry; what a way to start a morning! I can only hope it has improved a bit by now??


grodygeek said...

Well, would you prefer to have gone to work to leave the cat to deal with it?

Oh, I know, its a real drag and honest I do have sympathy.

Right up until I read, housekeeper. I so wish. Of course, she'd take one look at this dump and either:

A) Quit on the spot and demand two weeks of pay just having seen it
B) Have me evicted as a hazard to humanity leaving me to sleep in a tent in 23 degree weather

So, you could have it rougher if you were ah, as um, worthless a homeowner as me?

Okay, so I'm doing a lousy job of trying to cheer you up. No photos? Sigh.

the cycling curmudgeon

thinkingoutloud said...

Oh geez.
I thought stuff like this only happened on Mondays.
And to me!

Consider this...it was a GOOD thing that you were home at the time.


trickeytricky said...

Don't animals . . . ecspecially cats . . . get the best out of any situation.

Amanda over at

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