Tuesday, January 3, 2006

This is your cat; this is your cat on drugs...

My cat is two-and-a-half.  ish.  I haven't given her catnip because it seemed somewhat redundant.  You don't give catnip to a kitten; she's already hyper enough.

So, here's me at Target, buying silicon sealant, seven pairs of underwear for five bucks and, y'know, half the rest of the store.  And I spy the little mice.  Jasmine has always loved little mice, but these have big furry tails.  I think she might go for them.  But the tag says they're catnip mice.  And I think, well, she's old enough, let's see what happens....

As reported earlier, I got home, tried to use the sealant, had to return the sealant, got a different sealant, applied the different sealant ... and journalled about it.  Totally ignoring the three bags of stuff from Target I had plopped in the hallway a few hours back.

Jasmine wasn't ignoring them.  Jasmine was digging through them.  I deduced this from the cute little kitty butt in the air, while she determinedly attacked something inside the bag.

"What have you found baby?" I asked, clearly forgetting what I'd purchased earlier.  "Oh!" I say, "You found the catnip mice."

I could barely get her off of them long enough to take one out of the wrapper.  And Jasmine was off.  Not just batting it across the floor or stalking it like she does with a normal toy mouse.  Sthe was standing on her hind paws whacking it around, flipping herself around in all sorts of weird positions (a forward pike with one-and-a-half twists!) while attacking this mouse with a kitten-like enthusiasm I hadn't seen from her in years.  Wow.  This stuff is really feline speed.

.... wonder when she's gonna start jonesing for another fix.


helmswondermom said...

That's funny.  I never had a cat react like that to catnip, but read my entry here to see how my sister's cat got "hooked" on catnip: http://journals.aol.com/helmswondermom/DustyPages/entries/1323

pegluh said...

Catnip = crack for cats.