Saturday, January 7, 2006

What Part of "No Pop-Ups" Do You Not Understand?

Logging onto AOL, my welcome screen is covered with a cheerful ad for ... actually, I don't know what it was, as I generally ignore unwanted advertising.  Pretty sure it was something to do with AOL Music.

I check my preferences.  Sure enough, my preferences are already set to "No marketing pop-ups from AOL."  I hit the button AGAIN, as though maybe AOL forgot about my preference for no AOL pop-ups.

I switch screen names.  Now, I am treated to an AOL pop-up about AOL phone service.  I check this screen name's marketing preferences -- yep, already set to no AOL marketing pop-ups.

When this happened a few days back, I sent AOL some "Ad Feedback" (from the link on the welcome screen).  So, I mean, if there's some sort of "forget everyone's preference to not get AOL ads" bug in the system, I've done my part to put them on notice.

This is getting freakin' ridiculous.  There is (believe it or not) quite a lot that I like about AOL -- one of them is the ability to customize one's online experience to get rid of unwanted advertising.  But when that customizability has no effect, it isn't worth anything at all.

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andreakingme said...

Um hmmm. Customer Service seems to mean less and less to AOL as the months pass ...