Friday, September 19, 2008

Best TV Show Ever?

I was asked this the other night -- which TV show do I think is the best ever.

There was a condition on the question, though.  Had to be a TV show that retained its high level of quality until it cashed in -- so no "Twin Peaks before it jumped the shark" sort of answers.  This turned out to be extremely difficult to answer, because I had to admit that most shows that I really loved (Northern Exposure, for example) had a substantial drop off in quality near the end.  (Anyone else remember when Paul Provenza came in as the new doctor?  Yeah, I'd wiped it from my memory, too.)  I'm tempted to go with Homicide, but, even there, I'm fudging a bit because it did run on just a touch longer than it should have, even though the ending itself was totally excellent.

Ultimately:  Six Feet Under.


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hewasolddog299 said...

I'm a sucker for ensemble casts. Best show ever? I was reminded of that today while watching the final episodes of <i>The West Wing</i>. Despite it's political slant ( I am a conservative Republican, after all) it was the best thing down the pike since M.A.S.H. -- my all-time favorite.