Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Photo Set -- Circus School!

OK, here's human pyramid class (or whatever they called it).  There were 8 people in our group, while most of your pyramids require 7 or 9.  Here we are in a 7-person formation.  That's me on the top row, far right.

And in the 9-person formation with only 8.  Our instructor joined us as the 9th, but then nobody was available to take pictures.

And then, there was flying trapeze class ...

(Oh yeah, look at the awesome toe-point I have.)  The woman holding my camera only shot from head-on, rather than the side, so you can't quite see the whole swinging thing.  But still.

Now, that nice lady in the bright blue pants is holding on to ropes attached to the (very tight) harness around my waist.  She says to let go of the trapeze at just the right point, at which time she slows (but doesn't entirely control) your descent down to the mat, when you're supposed to land "on your two feet."  I was favoring my ankle and subconsciously decided to let my other ankle take all the weight of the landing.  This is the predictable result:

Kerri Strug, I am not.

To my surprise, the woman holding my camera did take a shot of me on the tightrope, and here, I appreciate the angle she got, because you can't quite see for certain that the annoying teacher is holding my left hand.

And finally, on the trapeze, one dude in our group, um, began to lose his sweatpants.  We all, of course, ran for our cameras.  I am told that this is, in fact, the essence of British comedy.

(And when I went back in the (ladies') changing room after the whole experience, and we were all laughing about how good-natured he had been about the Trousers Incident, I took off my shirt and discovered that my sports bra had completely unzipped itself.  Apparently, circus class has a little-known tendency to separate you from your clothing.)

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emmapeeldallas said...

TOTALLY COOL!  Where did you do this?  I love it!