Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Photo Set -- Geeks Only

OK, yes, not only did I go to the Doctor Who exhibition, I took pictures.

(And, because I'm an idiot, I had the flash off.  I realized this about halfway through, but did not go back and retake the early photos.)

So ... it's pretty dark, but the first picture I really wanted at the exhibition was a picture of me under this sign:

That says, "Please mind your head."  A good, what? two feet above me?  Who do they expect to attend this thing?  Cybermen? 

And here we have ... me and the one and only exhibit my mom will "get."

(And, y'know, when I had my friend take the picture, I was staring at the angel and just would ... not ... blink.)

OK, so, continuing the sign theme, I took a picture of these signs outside the "Dalek Encounter."

Don't go in if you're pregnant?  Or have a heart condition?  It's a freakin' dalek exhibit at a Doctor Who exhibition!  It's for kids!  Don't you think that's just a bit of an overstatement as warning signs go?

So, we walk in, and there's this dalek, sorta hiding behind some crates.  And we're looking around for the big red button in front of it, because lots of things in the exhibition had big red buttons in front of them, and you'd push the button to make the exhibit activate.  (Some of them didn't work.  The button in front of the angel didn't do anything.  But the button in front of K-9 made his lights go on and his ears waggle.)  So I'm standing there with my friend and bemoaning the absence of the big red button and laughing at how ridiculous the warning signs are for a lousy dalek hiding behind a crate, and then (with no warning) the dalek starts screaming at us and elevating, and I scream like a little girl. 

Then, of course, we laugh ourselves silly and I snap pictures of the levitating dalek.

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