Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Seriously, how crappy is yard sale crap?

A friend is having a yard sale and offered me some space to join in.

I have a lot of crap.  Most of it is in storage.  It has dawned on me that I'm paying $100 a month to store this stuff when, on the happy day when I actually get a house, I'll probably just throw 90% of it away.  So, I thought, "yeah, yard sale."

And then I thought, "would anyone actually buy this stuff?"

I mean, the coffee table with a wonky leg is functional, although I strongly recommend against sitting on it.  The floor-to-ceiling cat tree (yeah, that'll set up nice in a yard, without a ceiling to brace it) is also functional, but clearly scratched to death.  Bookshelves that lean to the right.  Old suitcases (from before wheels).  Ladies' suits that scream "1980s" (ah, purple and fuschia with giant shoulder pads).  An old shower curtain (and I saved this why?).  I'm almost embarrassed to sell this stuff, because that would be admitting that, right up until it went into storage, I actually used it in its present condition.

Lord, I'd have to put prices on it, too.  I think my corner of the yard sale might be the "99 cent store."

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hewasolddog299 said...

It's crap unless it is something you need or are the type who thinks they can make a living via eBay with it... then it is "Vintage" and "Classic" and "Fun" and other forms of lipstick on pigs.

By the way, lordie, lordie, lordie -- "purple and fuschia with giant shoulder pads" -- say it isn't so ...