Monday, September 8, 2008

A Brief Geeky Aside

OK, I wanted a Doctor Who action figure.  Not just any old Doctor Who action figure.  I wanted an action figure of The Master -- the Doctor's nemesis.  A friend had gotten one at ComicCon and showed it to me and I was totally envious and thought, "Hey, I could get one in London."

Now, there are places in London where one could acquire said action figure.  (Toys R Us, for example.)  But I knew I'd be going to the exhibition on my way to the airport, and I knew there'd be a shop at the end of the exhibition, and that seemed like the best place to get my Master action figure.

Except they were out of it.  Apparently, they'd had thousands of kids through the exhibit/shop over the weekend, and they'd been cleaned out.

Shopgirl tells me there's another shop I can go to that stocks the action figure.  (It's not a doll!  It's an action figure!)  I've actually got enough time to do this and still do everything else before the flight leaves.  I go back on the underground and head to the shop.

I do not see the Action Figure I have come back into London for.  I ask the guy behind the desk (who looks like he intentionally tries to look like Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons) if they have any.  He says they do not.  I mutter, "Damn kids."  He says, "Yeah, they buy all the stuff up and keep it from serious collectors like us." 

I look at his face and he's dead serious.  I smile in appreciation of the sympathy.

Serious collectors.  Snort.

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