Tuesday, January 6, 2009

NOT adding insult to injury

Got a letter today, forwarded to my PO Box. Said that my pharmacy is closing, and they've decided to forward all of our records to the nearest Walgreens, to handle our future prescriptions.

I got really peeved about this. I mean, I don't even know if Walgreens takes my insurance. And, honestly, where does my pharmacy get off transferring my personal prescription history (a.k.a. confidential medical information) to some other pharmacy, that I may have no intention of using? I mean, I should have a choice in what pharmacy I use and where my information goes. I don't need Walgreens knowing about every little thing I've ever needed prescription drugs for. (I can see it now -- a letter from Walgreens welcoming me to their prescription plan, and offering me a coupon for Immodium. Y'know, just because.)

Had half a mind to poke through the statutes dealing with the confidentiality of medical information to see if I had a case here. Considered a nasty letter asking where they get off, exactly, forwarding my prescription history to another pharmacy without so much as asking for my consent first.

And then I looked at the letter again, and noticed that it was signed by my pharmacist. And realized that he's out of a job.

So, yeah, OK, maybe my records shouldn't have gone to Walgreens without my consent. And maybe he even got a few bucks out of Walgreens for transferring all his customers. He's a good pharmacist who has fought my insurance company to get me the medications my doctor has prescribed. And he's out of work now. Damn.

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