Tuesday, January 20, 2009

OK, OK, one more

Here's the thing about Barack Obama becoming our President:

The astonishing historical significance of him being an African-American President was sort of lost on me along the way. Which isn't to say that I hadn't noticed he was black; and as a general proposition, I was certainly aware that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama had candidacies that were barrier-breaking. But, by and large, the Presidential campaign was a pretty hard-fought one, and I was supporting Obama for his positions as opposed to his racial background.

If anything, the one thing about his demographics that I did focus on was that he was the first Presidential candidate that was of my generation. I mean, I hang out with people younger than he is. I'm sure that, somewhere deep inside, I'd always assumed that I'd live long enough for there to be a President who was my age (and, hopefully, younger), but I didn't think it would happen now.

My point, though, is that I was paying so much attention to wanting Obama to get elected because I believed that it would be right for our country, I sort of overlooked how amazingly cool it is that a dude who was born before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 actually grew up to be President of the United States. And today -- in these hours between him becoming President and actually getting down to the business of the job -- the awesomeness of that point is actually hitting home.


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