Wednesday, January 7, 2009

SpotBot for Pets: 4

Substances that come out of my cat: 0.

After my cat's recent foray into losing me my $500 deposit by messing up the apartment's carpet something wicked, I ponied up $130 for the Bissel SpotBot for Pets. (This will surely guarantee that I end up buying a house with hardwood floors.)

While I'm not absolutely certain of the final condition of the carpet (as two spots haven't completely dried yet), I can safely report that this product works exactly like it's supposed to. (Actually, it works quite well using the recommendations suggested by customer reviews on Amazon.) Mix cleaning fluid with water; spray on stain; plop SpotBot on top of it (it's a 20 pound machine); hit button. Come back six minutes later (when it beeps at you) and the stain is gone. Even the "manual" method (using attached hose and scrubber) makes the stain go away so much quicker and easier than any "spray on/wipe off" product I've used before. Admittedly, I've only had this thing out of the box for about 20 minutes, but I'm thinking they should hand them out at the pound with every kitten.

Maybe if I put the SpotBot and the Roomba together with some mood lighting and a Barry White CD, I'll end up with a 'bot that self cleans the entire carpet.

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