Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yep, it's a house

Had the inspection at the new house today. Took a few hours. After it was done, I sat down with the inspector, who said, "it's a very good house" -- and then proceeded to tell me everything that was wrong with the house.

Wasn't bad, really. I think the highlight was when he found these brown spots on the ceiling in the family room, and said that they could be evidence of water damage, but it was odd because they were just in this one corner of the ceiling. And later, the seller's agent came by, and happened to mention that one of the workmen spilled coffee on the family room ceiling.

But, basically, everything that's wrong with the house is the sort of thing you'd expect to be wrong with a house that's 58 years old. Things ranging from "a lot of the outlets aren't grounded" all the way up to "the plumbing is galvanized steel." (I'd been holding out a hope that maybe they'd re-piped the place with copper pipes -- hell, they'd put on a new roof -- but they hadn't.) There are going to be about 20 items on my punch list for the sellers (sadly, "replace pipes" will instead go on my list of "shit to do to the house in a few years").

But, I've figured out that everything can be broken down into 3 categories -- (1) stuff for the sellers to do; (2) stuff for me to get a handyman or contractor to do immediately; and the aforementioned (3) shit to do to the house in a few years. So, I just gotta cram as much as I can into Category (1), and we'll move ahead with this purchase.

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