Monday, January 12, 2009


24 got itself viewed through the relatively low-tech method of calling a friend. A friend who watches 24 religiously, has a DVR, and (as luck would have it) the technology to burn me a disk from it. I am seriously grateful here. I got yesterday's 24 when I walked into the office this morning, and got it watched (well, mostly) before the episode tonight. As of this moment, I am current.

And my thoughts on the start of this season of 24 are: YAY!

(Spoilers ahead, if you didn't see it.)

Basically, if I was going to hit the "reset" button on 24 and get exactly what I wanted, it would be Jack, Tony, Bill & Chloe against the world. And here it is. I damn near squeed with joy. (And at least they didn't drag out the whole Tony-is-a-terrorist thing too long. Because the one thing you can count on in 24 is Tony being a good guy. Always, always, always, you can count on Tony. Take it to the bank. Actually, if anything read false about these first four hours, it was the bit where Tony said he had actually worked for the other side for three years. Because... no. Just doesn't happen.)

Also pleased in general about the way things are shaking down plot-wise. The bad guys they're up against seem suitably bad. But, rather more to my liking is the fact that, rather than being up against an officious boss who stops Jack at every turn, they're up against the entire FBI -- including an agent who is pretty much the female version of Jack, and a computer geek who can stop Chloe in her tracks.

Yes. Am very much liking this.

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