Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And the Green Bags burst ahead!

Or, more precisely, the plastic container fell by the wayside.

Wednesday morning's berry check revealed the raspberries in the plastic container on the verge of death. They were dark in color, looked a bit dry, and a few had moldy bits. They had that "eat us now before we go completely" look to them.

On the other hand, the Debbie Meyer Green Bag berries were bright, red, and cheerful. They were still a bit moister than I would have liked (despite wiping the inside of the bag daily), but they looked like they had at least another day left in them, while the plastic bin berries totally did not.

The plastic bin berries ultimately died of dryness and age, while I think the Debbie Meyer Green Bag berries will meet their maker due to excessive moisture. One wonders if the Debbie Meyer Green Bag berries might do even better if I punched some holes in the bags to let the moisture out.

One is also concerned how one bag of DBGB berries in the produce bin started dying off yesterday, while another bag was fine today and looks like it might be good tomorrow as well. I suppose it's possible that my six containers of berries, despite coming in the same box, were not, in fact, of the same vintage. A third experiment might be necessary, with mixing all the berries before we begin, to make sure each sample has an equal chance.

The things I do for science.

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