Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The DBGB Raspberry Challenge Tuesday Update

It is not looking good for the Debbie Meyer Green Bags.

Yesterday, upon sampling a berry from both the box and a green bag, both seemed fine. On closer inspection, though, I saw a berry in the bag had a little green spot of mold -- or whatever it is that grows on berries when they're dying -- while the berries in the box were green mold-free.

So, the berries which got consumed yesterday were from one of the Debbie Meyer Green Bags -- and I had to inspect each one before I ate it so as not to eat berry mold. There were about three which were in such condition. A few others were very dark and squishy, although still edible.

This means that I have one bag and one box left, and should be able to call a victor today. (And if I can't call a victor today, I may be required to eat half of each sample and leave the remainder to keep the experiment going.)

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