Saturday, July 18, 2009

Need Me Time

I need some "Me" time. I don't actually have any planned this weekend, because it's all jam-packed with shows to see (and review) and errands to run. It has sort of dawned that I'm leaving on my vacation in two weeks, and while I may (oh, I hope) have things under control at the office, it isn't exactly so for my home life. Still haven't called the cat sitter. Need to do that.

Here was today:

Wake up after only 6 hours of sleep. Hit the snooze button enough to kick it closer to 7.

Get up. Exercise. Shower. Dress.

Call Costco. If I order glasses today, how soon can I get them? 7 to 10 business days. Am leaving in ... 9 business days. Damn.

Get in car (with shiny new eyeglasses prescription in hand), off to local glasses-in-a-couple-days place. (Lenscrafters was out of the running for this job as I want Transitions lenses; they only carry their house brand and random googling suggests the house brand ain't all that good.)

Find pair of glasses that will not break the bank. (Discover, happily, that my usually good-for-nothing Vision insurance actually covers Transitions lenses.) Order them.

Back in car. To nail place. 15 minute wait for a pedi. Can't wait; leave.

Go to grocery store; buy special brand of cat litter which (annoyingly) only they carry. Buy lunch. Eat lunch.

Meet friend at movies. See Harry Potter movie. (Good, but a bit plodding. Would not see it again. I do not anticipate it making tons of money from multiple viewings.)

Back to nail place. Get nails done this time. Sit outside hoping wet nails will bake; the sun feels like it is melting the polish rather than hardening it.

Get in car. Head to locksmith. (Need spare key to give friend who will play with cat while I'm away.) Locksmith closed.

While heading out, car reminds me it would like its oil changed.

Swerve on into Jiffy Lube. Get oil changed.

Drive home. Stop at hardware store to get key copied.

Go home. Open door. Door won't open with newly copied key. Dammit.

Momentary crash on sofa. Snack on some watermelon.

Call stupid mail order company and tell them to cancel the dress they back-ordered; it won't make it to me before I leave on the trip.

Drive to nearest UPS drop-off location to return 3 of the 5 dresses they did send me.

Back to hardware store to recut the key.

To pet store to buy new litter pan and about a month's supply of canned cat food.

To dinner with friends.

Back home.

Key still won't work.


Elly said...

I am so exhausted from reading your post I need to go have a lie down.

Wil said...

Heck - forget about "me time" ... you need a wife!