Friday, July 31, 2009

Final Report on the Berries

Pictures! I got pictures! This is what happened yesterday, when we had the Box o' Berries and the Debbie Meyer Green Bag o' Berries.

The photos pretty much tell it. The box was looking kinda dry while the bag was looking much healthier and juicier.

But the post-script is also interesting. Today, I ate the bag o' berries ... more than 24 hours after I ate the box at what appeared to be the end of its useful life. Result: the bag was pretty much at the end of its useful life, too. The berries were too moist for their own good, and some had gone off.

So, here's what I can say about the green bags based on this experiment:

For the first four (or so) days, the green bags were unnecessary, and leaving the berries in their boxes, in the produce bin, worked just fine.

But if you want some berries to last a fifth day, stick those in the green bag in the produce bin. But it won't safely buy you much more than a day.

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