Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Well, that's done

The fine State of Arizona decided to, er, fine me some $181 for doing 66 in a 55 zone.

(Seriously? 66 in a 55 zone. James May does 66 in a 55 zone.)

(Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?)

I don't at all doubt that I did that speed. Indeed, I have some vague recollection of not being entirely certain of the speed limit on that particular stretch of highway. I might've even thought it was 65. (Or, I might not. 66 in a 55 zone isn't exactly unheard of where I come from.)

Clearly, I am unrepentant.

But I admitted it and (in the absence of a traffic school option) have coughed up the $181.50, plus the $30 "administrative fee" I had to pay Hertz to cover their costs in ratting me out. (Weasels.) So, I mean, there's $211 I won't be seeing again. (I think that's more than I paid to fly to Arizona in the first place. And rent the damn car.)

But, it's done and paid and we shall not speak of it again.

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