Monday, July 20, 2009

Still waitin' on the Me Time

It continued! I didn't think it would but it did!


Wake up (would have been 6 hours of sleep but I overslept -- Feline Alarm Clock woke me after I ignored the radio for about an hour). Exercise. Shower. Dress.

Get in car. Am hauling ass about an hour and a quarter away to review a show. I've also got a blind date for lunch before the show. (The date isn't local, but happened to be in the neighborhood near where the show was, so I thought, "What the hell.")

Am on schedule to be about 10 minutes late. I speed (obviously) but every time I make up a couple minutes, I lose them to traffic. I expect my date to call at some point and ask where the hell I am, so I have my phone's bluetooth thingy in my ear.

About an hour into the drive, my bluetooth thingy rings.

No, let me amend that. If someone is calling me, my bluetooth thingy plays a cheerful tune. If I am calling someone, I hear the brrrring that you always hear when you call someone. This is what my phone is doing, but I am not calling anyone. I look at the phone; apparently, I'm calling my friend Alison, who is the last person I'd called. I hit "end" to cancel the call. A few minutes later, my phone calls Alison again. I hit "end" again. This repeats way too many times, with me cancelling the call each time.

Shortly thereafter, Alison calls me, wondering what I wanted. ("Um, sorry. My phone keeps calling you. I'm about 10 minutes from my destination, at which time I can safely shut it down. If I call you between now and then, I don't mean it. Really sorry.")

Get to lunch. Turn off damn phone.

Meet blind date and try to make bright cheerful small talk when all I can think about is all the stuff I have to do. Doesn't go all that well.

We go to the show. It's short. ("Hallelujah!" I think, "I can get some stuff done tonight.")

Leave the show. Blind date wants to know if I want to spend some time walking on the beach. I tell him I really have to get home and run errands. I tell him it really is no reflection at all on him, but I'm seriously busy and I've already planned out my newly-found hour. I don't think he believes me.

I start the long drive home.

I pull off the highway as I'm cruising past a Home Depot. I have Home Depot cut the keys for me (this is the third attempt, if you're keeping score).

Drive all the way home. Get home.

Side door key works. Front door key doesn't initially work, but I keep trying it and eventually, the lock yields. Yay! Keys work!

I am meeting friends for dinner (these friends are the ones the spare keys were for). I have time to take out the trash first, since Monday is trash day.

I take out the trash, and haul the trash bin to the curb. I haul the lawn trimmings bin to the curb. I pull the recycling bin in my driveway so I can fill it with my recycling -- except there's already stuff in it. My gardener put some stuff in the recycling bin which is way not recyclable. I dig that junk out of the bin and pile it by the side of the house. (It's trash, but it's too big to fit in my trash bin, which is probably why he threw it in the larger recycling bin.) Now I can take out my recycling.

Go back inside. Change clothes (after digging through trash bins). Go to dinner with friends.

Come home. Write the review. (I bet you thought I forgot.) Crash on couch.

Somehow end up with only 6 hours of sleep before work today.

Now, here's what happened today:

1. Tried calling my mom on my cell phone on the way to work; the bluetooth kept hanging up on my mom ... so it could then call my mom.
2. Arrived at the office to find a voice mail from the eyeglasses place which they left on Sunday, telling me my glasses were ready. (Yes, I always call someone's "office" number on Sundays.)
3. Compared notes with friends from dinner the other night and realized we each thought the other left the tip so we accidentally stiffed the restaurant -- since I live closer, it's my job to go there tonight and make it right.
4. Called the cat sitters and signed them up to watch the cat while I'm away. Cat sitter says, "Since you're away for so long, can I have a second set of keys for my partner?"

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