Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Because I'm four...

I'm really digging this whole reward idea.  It's just that it's totally frivolous and I have absolutely no justification for it.  This is turning out to be part of its charm.  Because, apparently, once I get my hands on an idea for something totally frivolous, I totally want it and won't let go.

(And maybe, if I continue to properly look at it as a reward, it will motivate me to do all that stuff I'm trying to do.)

But, to be fair to, oh, my wallet, I think I should at least find out how much fixing the driveway is going to cost.  I've got three contractors coming over tomorrow to bid the driveway (some only minutes apart -- it'll be a wonder if I don't end up with a bidding war in my front yard) and a plumber to bid the water heater circulation pump for good measure.  (Yeah, being a homeowner is fun.)  But I figured I'd work at home tomorrow (brought a big pile of work home), so I lined up a pre-Thanksgiving contractor-fest.

So.  More news when I find out how much a new driveway is.

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