Friday, November 26, 2010

Go me!

Apparently, this motivation thing is good for me.

Exercise -- check
Put stuff from temporary storage into wall unit -- complete
Unpack at least one box -- unpacked three boxes (all with books, many of which found homes in the wall unit, and/or the shelving where I'd been temporarily storing stuff that belonged in the wall unit).

I do, however, own too much junk.  I mean, really -- what the hell am I supposed to do with the box of 5 1/4  inch disks?  (Not just 3 1/2s, mind, 5 1/4s.  Back when floppies were actually floppy.)  Hell, we're talking about something I haven't even had the hardware to access for over 20 years.  D'you think that maybe it's time to just take a pair of scissors to them?  And I can't really think of anything else to do with the nice plastic storage box for them, either.  I guess I never threw it out because it's a perfectly good plastic storage box, but, damn, I've only got so much room in my garage, ya know?

And the books.  I know I'm in trouble when I'm sorting my books, and I've got categories of:
Books I didn't like;
Books I never intend to read; and
Books I'm so embarrassed I even own, I intend to shelve them behind other books.

This may be why I've procrastinated about unpacking for so long.  Everything that hasn't been unpacked is, pretty much by definition, something I haven't really missed not having over the past 18 months.  So, with each box, it's a new discovery of something I forgot I had, very likely don't need, and have to figure out a place for in the unlikely event I may want it in the future.  Either that, or it goes in a "yard sale" or "junk" pile.

Well... I still have the rest of the weekend, more boxes, and a holiday list to do.  :)

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