Friday, November 26, 2010

I promise.

And I'm putting it here out in public so I'll have to do it.

Item One:  Exercise Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Item Two:  Actually move stuff from its "temporary storage" into the wall unit I had installed in, what? February?
Item Three:  Unpack at least one box (from when I moved in a year and half ago).
Item Four:  Commence creation of the (dreaded) Holiday Shopping list.

(Oh, and speaking of Item Four, if you're someone I exchange holiday presents with, and you, like me, are of the Jewish persuasion, what say we agree to move Hanukkah down a few weeks?  Because, damn, I am so not ready for that one to start in less than a week.)

Bottom line:  I've got three whole days with, near as I can tell, nothing that must be done.  (I finished my take-home work on Wednesday, and no obligations other than a musical on Sunday night -- unless the neighbors require the neighborhood holiday decorations go out this weekend.)  I've taken the firstest step in giving myself my reward for getting shit done, so now I damn well better get the aforementioned shit accomplished.

Updates to follow.

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