Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The promised Halloween photos

Not only is my Halloween costume a bit hard to "get," it also ain't easy to photograph.  (Although that may have something to do with the set-up of my house and the fact that there isn't a full-length mirror a sufficient distance from a piece of furniture.)

I digress.  A friend took this lovely shot of me in costume:

I know.  It looks suspiciously like me wearing jeans and a T-shirt with a something slung over my shoulder.  But there was a lot more effort involved in putting this together.  Note how the pattern of said thing over my shoulder is carried over in body paint on my arm.  And in fabric paint down the other sleeve and the leg of my jeans.  (Hours, people.)

See ... here's a close-up of the sleeve:

(There was actually a bit of an unfortunate error here.  I painted the jeans one night and the shirt the next.  On Halloween, I painted my arm before the trick-or-treaters came and then, after they left, dressed myself in the jeans and T-shirt, before running off to a Halloween party.  I carefully pulled the shirt on over my head and discovered I had it on backwards.  Yep, I painted the wrong sleeve.  What was supposed to happen is that the paint on my arm continues right up the sleeve.  Yeah.  Nice effect kinda ruined there.)

ANYWAY, your mission is to figure out what the hell I was trying to be here.

Hint:  The theme was "Myths and Legends."

In other Halloween photography, I bring you Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, who I purchased so that the trick-or-treaters wouldn't trip over the loose bricks in my driveway.

Cost me $30, which is substantially less than I'll have to pay to get the driveway resurfaced.  Admittedly, a stopgap measure at best, but none of the children (or parents) took a dive, so it was well-spent. 


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Yep, my first thought was "what's she doing with the Ouroboros on her bodice?" But Janiece said it first. Good for her. Neat idea.