Sunday, November 28, 2010

Odds & Ends

1.  The storage solution is, apparently, a mid-size storage box (larger than a shoebox -- think: boot box) which I just emptied of other things.  It'll take the movie and theater tickets, the cassette tapes, and few other memory-type things I'm not ready to dispose of yet.  The Newark Airport fridge magnet, however, has to go.

2.  Holiday list drafted.  Exercised this morning as well.  This completes my Shit I Have To Do This Weekend requirements.  Go me.  Tomorrow promises to be exciting, too, as I apparently broke my trash compactor today, so I'll spend the morning waiting for the Kenmore repair guy.  While doing a big pile of work I'd much rather do at the office (but, on the plus side, at least I have it here so I can wait for the Kenmore guy).

3.  Good thing, too, as I just thought of a way to make "NZ's crazy wacky reward trip" even more crazy and wacky.  And it even appears to be doable.  (Something tells me that when I get home from the theatre tonight, I'll be playing internet travel agent for several more hours.) 

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