Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fortune Cookie Fate

Er, yeah, so... one of the items I totally don't need that I was thinking about picking up this holiday season is, in fact, an XBox.  It was on a pretty good deal (expiring Monday) but, you know, since I'd missed an even better deal, I was going back and forth on it.

Went out for Chinese food today, and mentioned the dilemma to my friend (who understood, as she was experiencing the same thing -- only it was about a $3 price increase for some skeins of yarn).  When I picked up my fortune cookie, I said, "Oh great fortune cookie, tell me whether I should buy the XBox."

The fortune cookie was empty.

I figured the fortune cookie wanted nothing of this decision.  My friend really wanted to know what the fortune cookie had to say about the XBox question, so asked the waiter for another cookie.  He gave us three more.  I picked one, opened it, and read:

"Happy events will take place shortly in your home."