Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Good Day to Call Your Bank

I called my bank today to question a questionable interest charge on my credit card.

(I missed a payment by a day a couple months ago.  I paid the interest charge without question the next month, because I stupidly deserved it.  Did not understand why there was an interest charge the month after that, however, as I'd paid the previous statement in full on time.)

The customer service rep immediately explained it.  Then she immediately offered to waive it.

Then she immediately offered to waive the interest fee from last month as well.

I don't know how many people are taking part in the whole "dump your bank and join a credit union" thing this weekend, but if today's call is any indication, there is definitely a friendliness and eagerness to help coming from my bank which wasn't necessarily there the last time I called.

So, thank you, protestors.

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Lori said...

Well that's good to know. We actually have only banked at credit unions for 15+ years now. It's nice to know that protesting can have an affect on the banks.