Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pics from Monaco

OK, this first one isn't from Monaco.  It's from somewhere on Corsica.  I don't know where, exactly.  But it's me!  I'm there!  (Wherever there is.)

OK, I think I mentioned the oceanography museum in Monaco and how they displayed their jellyfish in a crazy expensive tank with cool lighting that almost made the whole thing seem neon.  And my picture didn't do it justice, but they still look like awfully pretty jellyfish.

And, then there was the automotive museum -- sorry, not museum, private collection, as this sign explained:

Not sure why, exactly, but I took a ton of pictures of the cars.  Here's ... some of them.

And before we go off to the pictures from Rome, here's another one of those Bonifacio shots.  Not my favorite, but still pretty impressive:

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