Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pics from Cruise

I just love holiday weekends.  Gives me time to get caught up on things, like going through the 275 photos on my camera's memory card, and figuring out which ones are worth sharing with you guys.  

So, let's cut to the chase.  The reason why I take 275 photos is because I'll have no idea as to which ones are the good ones.  I had anticipated the best photo being a sunset shot I took from the top of the Capitoline Museum in Rome -- there was a flock of birds in the sky and thought they'd make a great shot.  Not so much.  It looks like this:

On the other hand, the very bestest shot turned out to be one from Bonifacio (on Corsica).  I'd had hopes for this, actually -- I took it six different ways, but this was by far the best one:

I hadn't really expected the surface in front of the camera (I think it was just the top of a very old guard rail) to make the photo -- I left it out of most versions -- but, honestly, I think the texture makes the picture somehow.  Ah, the things I'm learning about photography.

So, let's start this photo essay in Nice.  I didn't see much OF Nice, but there were some really spectacular views of the Mediterranean from there.  Here are a couple.

The first, obviously, is from a height.  I think that's when I climbed to the top of the castley thingy -- a mistake which made my knees hurt pretty much until I'd gotten to Rome.  But you have to admit, the view is gorgeous.

The second picture is from a little area I accidentally found when I was looking for steps down to the port (so I could get to my cruise ship).  The steps instead led down to this little rocky area, where a bunch of people were sitting (I found an angle that excluded them) and eating lunch.

(It was time to leave when I saw a big old rat get up and scurry between those rocks, probably looking for leftovers.  At the time, I wondered whether this was going to be some sort of metaphor for France -- lovely on top and rat-infested beneath.  As it turns out, I still haven't seen enough of France to know for sure.)

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