Friday, November 11, 2011

Vacation (again?)

OK, yes, I'm on vacation again.  And yes, I just got back from vacation.

The only thing I can say in my defense was that I'd actually planned this one -- a quick cheap long weekend in New York -- long before I'd found out about that really cheap cruise I just got back from.

But this is a pretty standard vacation for me: go to New York, see many shows.

I'm trying a new hotel this time -- Yotel.  It's described as a "pod" hotel, which is pretty funny, because my "cabin" seems roomier than plenty other rooms I've had in New York in regular old hotels.  (Here, there is actually room for a tiny desk next to the bed!)  So far, I quite like it.  I'd like it better if it was on 9th Ave. rather than 10th, but it's still doable.  I also get the feeling that they really need to keep it pristine; it'll suck if the clean white surfaces start looking less clean.

I would be telling you something about the show I saw tonight, but apparently, my mother doesn't read her text messages.  She's been challenged to guess what I saw, so I can't go and spoil it all until she takes up the challenge.


Anonymous said...

Hey, are you seeing Wolverine's show? He's got claws for hands!

Mom said...

Hello! Time change! Life! Excuuuse me. I didn't hear the "ga-doyng". I'll try to be more with it.