Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I Wuv My Bed

I do.  I wuv it so much, I try to extend my time in it.  Every morning, when I wake up, I let the cat in, and she jumps on the bed for a morning pet-fest.  Then I reach into the nightstand, take out my laptop, toss it on the bed, and do my morning e-mail check.  (Usually the cat is in my arms at this point, kneading on my arm.  She chose to curl up on the other side of the bed today, which freed up my arms to type this entry.)

The whole process is about an extra half hour in bed.  It's not sleep; it's just me snuggled under the warm cozy blankets, listening to the radio and enjoying the pleasures of cat and modern technology. 

No wonder I'm always late for work.


st0rmwhispers said...


               ::::long sigh:::::

Hey I can dream!

gizmosmom321 said...

See thats why I need a lap top.  I have to get out of bed to check my e-mail. Damn. Maybe hubby will buy be a lap top for christmas...
P.S.  I want a cat also. Purr-Purr

grodygeek said...

We are so alike.

Marry me?

the cycling comic

annalisa135 said...

I wouldn't want to go anywhere either.  Sounds absolutely perfect!  :)