Monday, November 1, 2004

This Space for Whining

So, this day was my first day with my new boss (my old boss inconveniently retiring).  It was going pretty well -- despite the rather large amount of work he gave me -- until about 4:30 when I kind of, um, accidentally deleted the entire document I'd been working on all day. 

Took me a little bit of time to recreate it.  Ended up not going home until about 8:00.

Logged on and tried a journal entry (about my Halloween and the cool pumpkin I carved).  Midway through, my hand skipped, hit a bizarre key combination, and ended up not only deleting the entry but also disconnecting me from AOL entirely.

Came online again, frustrated, to write this entry.  Got a few lines into it when the phone rang.  Picked up the phone.  Computer went to sleep.  By the time I hung up, I came back on to finish the entry.  AOL appeared to be connected, but when I tried to do anything, I got a Host Not Responding error.

Screw it.  I'm going to sleep.


andreakingme said...

Holy cow, you poor girl. Have you broken a mirror recently or something? And ... where have you been since? Hopefully you haven't been broadsided by a garbage truck. Hopefully you've just taken a break from J-Land.

annalisa135 said...

OMG!!  I'm so very sorry, (I'm laughing my ass off, but I truly am sorry!!!!)  
Many Hugs!  (and giggles)