Monday, November 15, 2004

That's odd.

So, Friday night, I saw a play.

(That part wasn't odd.  Y'know, what with me being a theatre critic and all.)

After the show is over, I stand up to leave, and my knee starts hurting.  Not the usual tightness from having been sitting for awhile, but actual pain.  You know, like how it would feel if you fell on your knee.  (Exactly how it would feel if you fell on your knee.  I used to ice skate, you know.)  I went home and elevated it and put ice on it and dealt with it just how I would have if there had been an actual injury, although there wasn't one.  (I'm certain I would have remembered falling on my knee.)

Next day, totally normal.  Right as rain.  I even went on a walking tour that morning and there was no problem at all.  Chalked it up to Random Weird Pain and forgot about it.

Cut to Sunday.  I'm getting dressed.  I put on a skirt and it strikes me that flat shoes would be a bad idea.  I slip on my boots (nice heel) and head on out.  To the theatre.

And it's like a replay of Friday.  I didn't do much walking -- just sitting there in the theatre.  And my knee started hurting again.  Thinking back, I'd been wearing some shoes with heels on Friday, too.  Seems like there's something about wearing a high heel that whacks my knee out of alignment and causes pain.

That's my story and I'm sticking with it.  And if anyone even thinks the word "arthritis" in my direction, I'm lopping off heads.



olddog299 said...

Gout. Keep a foods eaten diary and start examining for high uric acid generators consumed within 24 to 36 hours prior. Check your earlobes for tophii. Although, I like your alignment explanation a whole bunch, too.

Osteo arthritis, given a history of ice skating injuries, is a posibility. You haven't mentioned any family history of RA.

You may mail my head to MENSA for storage and/or use as a darts board.


annalisa135 said...

Seems that sending you that forward was a good idea after all.  :)  Arthur who?  Lol.  

Now where is Ben Gay at?  Or is Al Zheimer next?  lol   (((s)))

Lots of smooches to the purry princess :)

grodygeek said...

Hey NZ, I'm sticking my head way out, just to see how far your axe can reach.

Hows this? AGE baby!

NZ's getting oh-old. NZ's getting oh-old! (and I can say this as I am old, dad gumm it)

Then again, there is this!

In-active, NZ's been getting too in-active...

And finally from living dangerously -

Arthur Ritous. Yup.


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