Monday, November 8, 2004

Oh. My.

Er, I just poked around the internet on tire separations.

Forget the whole "thank goodness I wasn't majorly inconvenienced" thing.  Seems I was incredibly lucky that I did not, in fact, lose control of my car when the tire separated on the freeway.



pegluh said...

nasty stuff. glad you're OK.

olddog299 said...

True confession time...
I somehow managed to let things slide to the point where the car's inspection had run out, along with registration. Inspection was an impossibility, as I knew the tread had been getting thin on the front tires. Took it to the tire place and was shocked to discover a situation similar to yours, bilaterally. Shocked because I drive fast, I drive hard and I take no prisoners. And was about three feet into a six foot hole of my own making.

BTW, this wasn't in the dim, dark past. This was last week!

Hugs and kisses,


tammyg22 said...

I'm glad you're okay!!