Friday, October 29, 2004

In Praise of Childhood Snacks

My snack of choice:  pretzels.

I nosh on pretzels very nearly 24/7.  I keep a bag in my desk drawer for when I get a craving at work.  I can hardly watch television without them.  They're the perfect fat-free treat.

I have always eaten pretzels.  My parents started me on 'em young.  One of my earliest memories is sitting in the back of the car on some sort of road trip, clutching my bag of pretzels.  Mmm, salty snacks.

So, it shouldn't surprise you to know that whenever I stop off at the store for a few emergency items, I always pick up a bag of pretzels.  I've tried many brands, and can generally rank them (the store brands are better than most name brands; the Snyder's of Hanover are preferable to Rold Gold). 

A couple weeks ago, I was in need of a few emergency grocery items, so I stopped off at a grocery store -- a different chain from where I do my usual shopping.  And there I saw them:  Laura Scudders Pretzels.

Memories I never knew I had came flooding back.  Laura Scudders was "my brand" when I was a kid.  I grew up with them.  I fell in love with pretzels with them.  I was extremely peeved when our local store stopped carrying them and I had to switch to Tem-Tees (another one I don't think you can find anymore).  They were the best mini-twist pretzels.  The perfect pretzel-to-salt ratio.  I bought a bag, for old time's sake.

I ate it in two sittings.  And since then, I don't think a day has gone by that I haven't thought about them.  I've got to go back to that store and buy them out!


andreakingme said...

Cute. And funny, too.

I like pretzel sticks, the skinnier the better. But I'm not obssessed like you are. (Is anyone?)


annalisa135 said...

smiles.  a lovely nostalgic entry.  really excellent, NZ.  I love this!!