Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Trip Journal -- Day Five, Second Entry

13 Oct. 2004

Oh, a small note about the passengers.

Had breakfast with a Chinese family this morning and thought, "Thank heavens!  Some diversity!"  There are over 70 passengers on the boat and they're all white.  (Excepting the aforementioned Asian family.)  The crew is all white, too.  (OK, the whole "visible" crew.  There are a few black guys in the galley, but I don't see them much as they're hidden back there, creating tasty things for our consumption.) 

There's something uncomfortable about how monochromatic this place is.  I guess I forget that life is like that in some parts of the country -- but I come from the big old multicultural mecca that is called Los Angeles, and five days among only white folk is weirding me out.

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