Friday, October 8, 2004


Well, I'm off.  First thing tomorrow, I head for the airport, then off to Portland for all things adventurey.

Unlike most of my vacations, I don't expect internet access on this one.  (And believe me -- I have a reputation for being able to hunt down "the only working modem in a ten-mile radius."  Go on, ask the people at the island in the Great Barrier Reef.  You'd think I could sniff out the internet connection or something.)

Anyway, I'll have my cell phone with me -- which, thanks to that whole update-your-journal-by-IM thing, would be capable of short updates -- but according to my carrier's coverage map, connection will be spotty at best.  I don't know why people think it's more important to hook up coverage in urban areas as opposed to wildlife refuges, but that's how AT&T set up its priorities.

In the absence of reliable internet coverage, I'm going old fashioned on this trip, and will be bringing a pen and some paper.  Haven't actually put pen to paper in a long time for anything more than a page or so at work, so this will be an experience in itself.  Still, I really enjoyed journalling (here) my New Zealand/Fiji trip and I think I'll want to do something similar for this trip, even thought I won't be able to post the entries for public consumption until I return to more civilized places.

See you next week.  Be good.


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st0rmwhispers said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip....and remember.......we want details!