Thursday, October 7, 2004

Homework -- Holidays

For this week's homework, Scalzi asks:

Weekend Assignment #28: The United States Congress (or appropriate legislative body in the country in which you live) has vested in you the power create exactly one National Holiday, celebrating anyone or anything you want, no questions asked. What is the name of your holiday, what does it celebrate, and how should we celebrate it?

One Rule: It can't be a holiday that honors someone who already has a holiday. Share the wealth, people.

Some of these homework questions are easy -- this is one of them.  I would add the day I've been celebrating as a mock holiday for, gosh, must be going on 20 years now.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you... The Last Wednesday In May.

Ah, The Last Wednesday In May -- the day when all the really good summer movies open.  Y'know, when there's a picture that wants to get a jump on Memorial Day weekend and everyone else pretty much gets the heck out of its way.  This was the opening date for the Indiana Jones sequels, and the Star Wars movies (back when they were good).  (Sometimes, due to the way the calendar falls, it is, actually, the Second-to-Last Wednesday in May.  But we call it "The Last Wednesday" anyway.  Sounds spiffier.  And everyone knows what you mean.)

It was the only time I ever, ever played hooky from school, and I think the whole process would be more convenient for everyone if they just gave the entire the country the day off and we could all stand in line for whichever highly-anticipated kick-butt action-adventure picture we want to see -- to start off the summer right.

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tammyg22 said...

Thanks for bringing to mind all the Last-Wednesday-in-May's we've celebrated!  It brought a smile to my face this morning.