Saturday, October 16, 2004

I'm ba-ack

So happy to be home and getting me some kitten love.  Man, kitten love -- there's nothing like it.

I did keep a handwritten journal during my trip, and my idea is to type in each day's entries on a daily basis -- and add the photographs downloaded from my digital camera.  It'll be like a live travelogue -- 'cepting a week late. 

That's my plan, anyway.  I'll have to hook up the camera and dig out the journal (I hate unpacking) and figure out whether that buzzing sound coming from my computer is something I ought to, y'know, worry about.

Hopefully, I'll have that first entry for you in a few hours.




olddog299 said...

Welcome home.  Kitten kisses can't be beat (as opposed to Bunny snuggles and Dawg Laps from the Tongue of Doom).  Glad you made it home in one piece.  I speak for the legions of your readers when I say we look forward with baited breath (or was that bourbon breath?) to your coming tale from your travels.

You haven't missed too much of import since your departure.


annalisa135 said...

A big big welcome home!  Sure have missed you, chick!  I'm looking forward to hearing all about your trip.  Much love to you and Jazzy  :-)