Thursday, October 21, 2004

Trip Journal -- Day Six, Second Entry

14 Oct. 2004, later

We signed up for our last kayaking session (tomorrow morning) after dinner.

My first session was an hour and a half.  After that, I only signed up for one-hour paddles because I was so wiped from the hike.  (Had I not hiked, I was all set to go for 2 hours and maybe work up to 3 on the last session.)  Today, I am exhausted from rafting, but it's a different, good kind of exhaustion.

I look at the sign-up for 1 hour kayaking (my pal Jack has already put his name down).  I also indecisively peek at the 2 hour.

Kristina, our guide, holds the 2-hour sign-up sheet and says, "C'mon, I know you can do it."  I reply, "Last time I listened to you, I ended up hiking up a mountain."  Her retort:  "You did it, right?"

I have half a mind to say, "That's not the point," but, given a split-second to think about it, I think it probably is.  I pick up the pen and sign up for 2-hour kayaking first thing tomorrow morning.

(I am so getting a massage when I get back to L.A.)

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