Thursday, August 11, 2005

Jon Stewart can keep the desk.

I've been quite ticked about the new Daily Show set.  Y'know, what with the couch being gone.  I miss the couch.  Gave the show a nice, friendly, informal feel. 

Or so I thought.

Watched The Daily Show tonight and couldn't help but notice how much friendlier the desk is for a disabled guest.  Dude just wheeled right on up to the desk.  No awkward  rearranging of furniture so he could park beside the couch; no having the guest transfer to the couch during a commercial break.  Just entered and sat at the desk like everyone else.

OK, fine.  In the interest of accessibility, I withdraw my protest.


swibirun said...

I hadn't thought about that.  I guess I'll change my vote too:)


grodygeek said...

Yeah, I saw that episode and feel the same.

I also thought there have been a couple of guests that look like they were having coffee at a coffee shop relaxed. Couches are so

Johnny Carson
that David LetterDink

The interview I really liked is Diane Lane (spelling??) She was nervous and giggly and relaxed after a few questions. I just thought she was smart and clever and interesting. I gained a lot of respect by her.

I don't think its made for any worse interviews, do you?

the cycling curmudgeon

nzforme said...

Gordy asks:  I don't think its made for any worse interviews, do you?

I did, actually, although I can't remember who it was.  But some of the earlier desk interviewees seemed a little uncomfortable, like they were back on school or something.  And Jon has been a little off his game, too.  The news has been top notch since the move, but a lot of the political interviews have been disappointing.