Saturday, August 13, 2005

This week's homework: The Great Debate

For this week's homework, Scalzi asks:

Which is better -- cake or pie? Explain your reasoning. Will you choose the moist sponginess and frosting-topped goodness of cake? Or will you side with those flaky crust-adoring, fruit-filling fanatics of the pie nation? You must choose one -- and only one! No trying to suggest that Boston Creme Pie is really kind of like a cake, or how cheesecake is actually not unlike a pie. Take a stand! Be true to your pastry orientation!

Extra Credit: Having chosen cake or pie, now admit your favorite variety of the dessert you did not choose. So if you chose cake, tell us your favorite pie. Prefer pie? Tell us your favorite cake.

I am my father's daughter, so... Pie.  Pie, pie, pie!  It's got fruit in it so it's healthy and everything.  (And you can put ice cream on top to get your RDA of calcium.  I'm telling you.  It's totally good for you.)  Speaking of which, what the heck happened to Baker's Square's fresh raspberry pie?  Their website says it's "seasonal," but I haven't been able to hit the right season in years.  That was some good pie.  [/drool]

Extra credit:  Easy.  Warm chocolate lava cake (again accompanied by ice cream).  Actually, the lava itself isn't mandatory -- generally, I'm pretty happy with anything in the warm chocolate cake family with something hot fudge-like around to melt the ice cream.


monponsett said...

"Preventing the Theft of Raspberry Pie" is a solid defense for murder cases in all but the most humorless courthouses.

andreakingme said...

I'll take a piece of each, please.

ooautumnstaroo said...

I like cake better because its warm and spongy. It has a much lighter texture than pie. And icing is sugary goodness, but my favorite pie is Apple Raisin pie. Mostly because it is the counterpart to Apple Cake. XDD *giggle*