Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Joys of Home Ownership

I live in a condo.  On the second floor of a three-story building.

My condo has two bathrooms.

There's a problem in the guest bathroom -- specifically, a leak from the condo upstairs.  It has taken us months, a hole in my ceiling, and two different plumbers to finally find the cause of the leak.  I've got to say, right now, that my upstairs neighbor has been really cool about this and has wanted to get to the bottom of this as much as I have.  Especially because both of us have a bathroom that is out of service.  Her -- because they've torn up her floor; me -- because they put a hole in my ceiling through which water occasionally comes.  (At least the hole is right over my bathtub, so we aren't destroying the carpet or anything.)  Yesterday, she had some people out to do repairs.  I heard this awful racket coming from upstairs.  I peeked up into the hole and saw a face.  That's right -- they've gone so far into her floor that we can now pass notes to each other through our bathrooms. 

And did I mention the mold?  The water that's been coming through the hole in my ceiling has created some mold on the drywall around the edge of my tub enclosure.  As a rule, I'm not generally particular about having my bathroom all sparkling clean, disinfected and sanitized, but I do like to think I'll be cleaner coming out of the shower than I was when I went in.  So the guest bathroom is off-limits for the time being.

Which leaves me with the master bathroom.  Where I found Jasmine (my cat) when I came home last night.  She was sitting on the edge of the tub, staring with great intensity at the faucet fixture.  More precisely, at the water dribbling out of the handle, kinda like a little fountain.  Ah, cats and their fascination with gurgling water.  I tried tightening the handle, but it only made the water pour out faster.

Which is why I'm not at work right now, and am instead sitting at home, waiting for a plumber.

Help me.


hewasolddog299 said...

Sounds like it's time to invest in some Time-Life books for the clueless homeowner... :D

andreakingme said...

Stay away from fire hydrants, Z Girl.