Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Oops (FedEx Saga Part Three)

It, er, appears that perhaps I may owe FedEx an apology.

At dinner tonight, I found out that one of my neighbors had found the FedEx tags outside the gate, and (thinking she would help) had moved them inside to my mailbox.  I'm not clear on the details, but she may also have moved them back outside before FedEx arrived.

In other words, here's me thinking the FedEx rep is getting inside the gate, leaving tags on my mailbox, yet refusing to follow the instructions to come upstairs and leave the package outside my door -- while the FedEx rep is standing outside the gate, reading my directions to come in and leave the package, and thinking I'm a total idiot for telling her to leave the package inside, when she's clearly locked out front in the "unsecure location."

Dammit all to hell for making sense.


mom23nca said...

Oh no!  Maybe you could have all future shipments sent to your office instead of your residence.

swibirun said...

DOH!  *&#$() helpful neighbor......

Hey, at least you were big enough to admit the part of the mistake that was not FedEx but it's still a hassle to have gotten that far.