Monday, August 1, 2005

Quick Question

OK, like, suppose you dated someone.  And suppose you broke it off with them.  And suppose that, like, a year or so later, they emailed you.  And you emailed them back all friendly-like, and you communicated for maybe a week or so, but you let them know that, like, you weren't interested in getting back together with them.  And the emailing stopped.

Would it be weird for them to call you again?  Like, about, a year later?

Just checking.  Hypothetically.


olddog299 said...

From a guy's POV, depends on the nature of the call. Was he still trying to get into your pants? Looking for a date to a college roommate's wedding? Seeking the name and number of your best friend? Or lost and in need of directions to the 405?

If none of the above (all practical, albeit nefarious reasons) then yes, it'd be weird for him to call a year later. :D


andreakingme said...

What Wil said. Absolutely.

jaykolb said...

Oh my goodness - not weird at all!  Our paths are crooked.  They might cross for a bit, then diverge.  

If this person enjoyed the past crossing, it is not unreasonable for him or her to check if maybe, by chance, your paths might be likely to cross again.  People change.  Situations change.  Emotional needs change.  People mature.

See my entry at - I was not ready for "Guy" on our first crossing.  (The entry doesn't mention that he tried again a few years later, but then I was involved with Jay, my late husband.)  If he were to try again now, he might get a different reception.

Sometimes persistence works.


swibirun said...

Maybe he's just a procrastinating stalker?  ha ha ha.....sorry.....that wasn't funny.

Seriously, maybe he just is hoping you will eventually change your mind.


helmswondermom said...

I'd go with Will's comment below.