Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's For My Own Good

In the interest of self-preservation (i.e. sleep), I am officially imposing the following rule upon myself:

There shall be no turning on of the computer (and subsequent use of the internet) after 11:00 p.m.

This because there is no such thing as a "quick email check."

(The most recent late night "quick email check" turned into: a quick email check; a quick email reply; a quick scan of my favorite websites; a look at all the houses for sale; a determination that maybe I ought to take a look at my credit report; a search for that site where you can get your credit report for free (the real one, not the ones put out by credit monitoring services); logging onto the (legitimate) site where you can get your credit report for free; trying to look at my TransUnion credit report; realizing that I'd need my mortgage account number to look at my TransUnion credit report; running to the desk to find my latest mortgage statement; typing in the account number; opening a password-protected account at TransUnion; (finding someone else had used my two usual login names, so realizing I'd never remember what I used); reviewing my credit report; deciding that it was worth the extra $6 to look at my credit SCORE; finding my credit card; paying the $6; looking at my credit score; noticing that the range TransUnion said "credit scores" fell in did not match my understanding of the range of "credit scores"; going to Wikipedia to get a definition of "credit score"; reading a lengthy and fascinating article about credit scores; learning that the credit score that TransUnion gave me was not my REAL credit score but a "largely useless" number and that finding out my real score would cost me MORE money; being too pissed off to go to sleep now so deciding to calm down by playing Jeopardy online; Jeopardy freezing up and me having to restart IE for it to work properly; not doing nearly well enough at Jeopardy to be content, so deciding to dumb things down to Wheel of Fortune online; missing the final puzzle on Wheel of Fortune; playing Wheel of Fortune again and nailing the final puzzle; and finally logging off and going to sleep.  Total time elapsed for aforementioned "quick email check" -- two hours.)

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annalisa135 said...

I have to agree with you.  There is no such thing as a "quick" email check.  I've proven that soooooo many times.  :-)))  Good rule for yourself!!