Sunday, June 11, 2006

Size Doesn't Matter

Wil comments:

Maybe it's time to put away the whizbang incredible collapsing umbrella and get yourself a genuine, non-folding, full size, keeps it's shape in a tornado, simple, elegant, black umbrella with a hooked handle that allows said appliance to be draped on your off arm. Too big to take into the restaurant or theater, one starts behaving as a grown-up and checks her coat and umbrella, thus never losing them.

Heh.  Will clearly does not understand my history with umbrellas.  Some people lose keys; some people lose eyeglasses; some people lose pens -- I lose umbrellas.  The size or shape of the umbrella in question is not a factor.  I've lost at least two of the full-size jobbies Wil is speaking of above.  (One in the Computer Room at college; the other I've still no idea where.)  The fact is, unless it is affirmatively raining when I leave the building (a good reminder to take one's umbrella upon departure) there's a pretty good chance I'm just going to leave that sucker behind.  (I used to say I've never actually worn out an umbrella as I always lost them before they wore out -- but that was before I lived in the Bay Area.  One good storm could take out a cheap umbrella.)  I have a better chance of hanging on to the itty-bitty folding ones -- if I can put it in its "umbrella condom" without getting water everywhere, I can keep the damn thing in my purse and guarantee it will leave the building with me.

As for coat-checks, I'm afraid they're going the way of the dodo.  I haven't seen one open in a theatre all trip.  Either they're hiding the damn things, or they don't bother staffing them during the spring and summer.  I guess they don't expect many coats when its 70 degrees outside -- even if it happens to be 70 and pouring.  (They're much more concerned about making you check your camera at the door.)

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