Saturday, June 24, 2006

The One About The Toothpaste

OK, when I travel, I have a pre-packed "bathroom bag."

This originally started because I kept forgetting to pack necessary things (frequently anti-perspirant, for some reason).  So I keep a bag pre-packed with everything I will or may need when travelling.  When I get home, I refill the shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, (... Q-Tips, band-aids, cold remedies... whatever I've used), replace the razor, and I'm good to go the next time I have a trip.  Besides, you never know when you might have to leave the country in a hurry.

Shortly after returning from my Boston/Canada/New York jaunt, I had a quick trip to Arizona to see my parents.  Knowing that this trip was on my horizon, I didn't bother refilling the bathroom bag, because I figured there were enough leftover supplies to get me through 3 days in Scottsdale.

Thus, it wasn't till I was in the guest bathroom at my parents' place that I realized I'd left my travel toothbrush and toothpaste in New York.  I had the toothbrush container, but there was no toothbrush actually in it.

My parents were already asleep.  I started randomly opening drawers, trying to find some emergency toothbrush and toothpaste.  And there it was:  Emergency toothbrush and toothpaste.  A cheapie toothbrush and a small sample tube of Rembrandt.  Took me forever to open the little seals on the plastic box.  That adhesive wasn't giving up easily.  But I finally got in.  Unscrewed the cap on the toothpaste.  Aimed it at the toothbrush.  Squeezed.


I look into the tube to make sure there isn't some sort of protective seal I have to pierce.  Nope.  I can see toothpaste in there.  I squeeze again.

Still nothing.  It's like the toothpaste is a brick.  It isn't going anywhere.

I look at the expiration date on the end of the tube:  2000.

Continue poking in the drawer.  Finally find some Colgate that will actually come out of the tube.  Vintage 2003.


annalisa135 said...

well you have to admit 2003 IS better than 2000, right?  lol

I love to save those samples from the dentist's office.  My kids get a real kick out of them.  They think it's an extra special treat to use his toothpaste, instead of the stuff I buy at the store.  Same brands makes no difference whatsoever.  If the dentist gave it to them, then it's extra special, no doubt.  :-)))  

helmswondermom said...

In a pinch, baking soda makes a good toothpaste/mouthwash.